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There's a big misconception that people who are really outgoing get all the breaks.

Outgoing people:

  • Have the best relationships
  • Have no fear
  • Are always in a good mood
  • Have confident, happy children
  • Are ok with speaking up and sharing their opinion

But you don't have to be outgoing to have an amazingly successful life.

Eliminate Self Doubt & Be Your Best You!

Have Better Relationships

Let Your Voice Be Heard

Be a Better Parent

Feel Comfortable in Groups

People often ask where I get my confidence. I didn't always have the confidence I have today; I had to work at it.

Yes, I've been in tons of fitness videos and infomercials; I even hold a World Record for this. But when I first started out, I was embarrassed to tell people what I did.

I created a workout program that was getting people results, and I wanted to share it with the world, but I refused to be in my own workout videos.

Thoughts like, "You're too short, you're not thin enough, you don't look the part, and no one will take you seriously..." held me back.

Until one day, a cast member didn't show up for a video shoot, and I had to be in the video.

With this experience, I realized I had to learn to change my thinking. I found that confidence is just like a muscle; it can be strengthened with the right exercises. 

These exercises helped me create the confidence I needed to take on any new challenge - whether that be in my relationships, a new social situation, creating business building programs like Marketing Impact Academy and nutrition programs like 131 Method...or building multi-million dollar businesses. 

That's exactly what I'm sharing with you in the Courageous Confidence Club.

What if I could coach you every step of the way?

What if you had a completely new, amazing group of friends? A circle of people who uplift you, support you, and want the best for you? That's what the Courageous Confidence Club is all about.

"If there was somebody I wanted to meet, before, I would just hide and run, but now, it's like, "You know what? I am worth it." I am able to go up there and talk to them, and ask them questions, introduce myself. It's just the fear that's holding you back from meeting such a wonderful person."

Johanna Gonzalez

"As soon as I took the Courageous Confidence Club course, I was offered a public speaking opportunity on stage. A year ago, I would have been the girl in the back, who didn't want to look at anyone or talk to anyone, sitting in the corner. Now, I'm on stage speaking, and I had assurance and confidence that I could do that, that I was worth doing that."

Kara Heckaman

"HUGE thank you to Chalene Johnson for this course. Thanks to what I learned, I finally found the courage to finish writing my BOOK!"

Shalon Ironroad

"Because of the Courageous Confidence Club, I am more confident in social settings, I’ve traveled across the country ALONE to begin a new journey, and now I am running my own business from home! I can barely believe my life."

Rebecca Ingebrigtsen

Why call it a club?

Because confidence is contagious! We adopt the mindset of the people we surround ourselves with. I want you to have the support you need to succeed, so I created a positive space for like-minded people to lift each other up.

In the Courageous Confidence Club, you learn how to communicate in a way that not only builds your confidence but also builds confidence in the people around you.

Everyone can benefit from having greater confidence and support. That's why I made a virtual club that anyone can join from anywhere! It's just like logging into a college course...except this time, not only will you access your course materials, you'll be able to go at your own pace and have a lifetime membership to a club full of supportive, positive people!

What's Included In The Courageous Confidence Club...

I've designed this the same way I design an exercise program. Each phase includes lessons with exercises, and with each exercise you get stronger! YOU BECOME MORE CONFIDENT!


Learn how this program works, discover your personality style & why we do the things we do, understand the science behind it all, and use it to your advantage.


Think of this as the “nutrition” part of your “exercise” program. It’s the stuff you need to feed your brain in order to gain confidence and make positive habits stick.


Your confidence exercises have been broken down into 3 levels: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced. With each level, you’ll develop new habits and increase your confidence in a new way.

Let’s start increasing confidence with your very first exercise as well as build an arsenal of tools you can rely on in situations that typically test your confidence. You’ll do things like developing a personal mantra, a power phrase, and an alter ego as well as engaging in physical acts that boost your confidence.

Once you're in this level, you're going to start to believe that you can do anything. You'll learn the 4 different types of confidence because, you see, some of you are confident in almost every area of your life, but there's this 1 little segment where you're holding yourself back because you don't have confidence there.

You're going to love this level because it answers questions that typically hold you back from making difficult decisions with confidence. In this level, you'll know exactly how to measure your own progress and to make decisions with complete confidence that it is the right thing to do at the right time.


Once you’ve completed your foundational exercises, it’s all about maintaining your new mindset and habits. We’ve compiled a library of audios to reinforce the progress you’ve made and help you continue to grow. From mental health, to relationships to productivity, just choose the topic you need most right now!


This one is amazing, and it’s the reason we call this program a “club.” Now, you're going to have a circle of people around you with 1 common interest - to make each other feel confident and supported and to become courageously confident together! You have lifetime access to our membership site for questions and support as well as our private Facebook group, so you can be surrounded by people who uplift you!


Every lesson in this program has a corresponding section in your Courageous Confidence Club workbook! You also have access to all of the digital worksheets, so you can download them and complete the lessons again and again as your confidence grows! Lastly, we’ve made it easy to quickly download all of the audio training from this program, so you can build your confidence on-the go!


Struggling with body image is so common. If you just can’t shake the thought that you’d be “better” if you could just “lose the weight” or change something about your physical appearance, and your negative thoughts are holding you back, these lessons are a must listen.


If you want to help the kids in your life become more confident, believe it or not, this process starts with YOU. Learn how certain actions and comments affect the kids around you and how to make changes that will ultimately boost their confidence.


Do you feel an urge to “do more.” Maybe you’re sick of your job, you want to pursue a hobby or passion as a side business, or you want to truly find your purpose, but you don’t know where to start? If indecision or “imposter syndrome” (lacking the confidence to own your expertise) is holding you back, this guide will take you step by step through the process of discovering “your thing” you should pursue and give you the confidence you need to go after it!

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"Courageous Confidence helped me take a major step that would free up some of my time. Sunday was my last day working at one of my part time jobs. I was there for over 7 years and was the first job that I ever quit. It was a tough decision but one that I knew I had to make."

Arielle Van Deusen

"I got a job promotion!!! And I had the courage to negotiate a better pay and setup with that promotion because I know I'm worth it thanks to the Courageous Confidence Club."

Kelly Krettlin

"I tried online dating for the first time EVER. I'm no longer afraid to get back into the dating world."

Michelle Morgan

"I home-schooled five children, and my youngest was about to graduate. I was about to go back into the working world. I needed that boost that Courageous Confidence Club gave me because I started Network Marketing. I knew I had to learn to communicate better, and I had to have more confidence. I saw the course and thought, this would be great. It actually did more than just give me confidence; it helped me understand who I am... Shortly after joining, I achieved the next level in my business."

Cindy Marks

Create the confidence you need to conquer your fears, eliminate self doubt and do the things you dream of!

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