When your team grows, your dream grows! Learn the steps and build the systems you need to set your business on fire, even on a budget!


If you want to grow your business, but you simply cannot fit one more thing on your plate, this on-the-go course is for you! Grow your business; get peace of mind.

listen to the audios

Learn exact steps and systems to put in place before you hire help so that the transition and workflow process is smooth when you do.

follow the guides

Fill in the guides and check-off the right steps in the right order. No wasting time wondering what to do next - it's plug & play!

create more freedom

Create systems and spend your time focused on tasks at your core competency, while your team supports you in handling the rest, so you can enjoy the freedom you deserve.

Make Your Online Business More Efficient in Just a Matter of Days!

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***Disclaimer: This course provides tips for connecting with and growing your team with great people. Please be aware that when hiring and working with any team member, all practices are subject to and must abide by your local, state and federal laws.


In this self-paced, on-the-go course, you'll:

  • Learn what your time is worth and what you can afford to outsource.
  • Get specific steps you can take to unload hours worth of tasks off your plate...TODAY, for as little as $3/hour.
  • Understand how to identify tasks that move your business forward and exactly what to start outsourcing to a virtual or personal assistant. 
  • Create workflow, training and organizational systems to put in place before you hire to make the transition a smooth one.
  • Discover who to hire first, where to find them, how to write your job post, how to train your new team members, and how to pay them.
  • Identify specific roles and key people to add to your team in the future one step at a time, even on a budget.
  • Develop relationship and communication skills that are crucial to training and keeping key team members on board.
  • Learn how to grow your team with quality people in a highly affordable manner... and ultimately grow your business faster than you ever dreamed possible.
  • BONUS: When you sign up today, you'll get access to Chalene's coaching webinar to adopt an outsourcing mindset and take your business to the next level!

Working fewer hours, having more freedom, and growing your business faster than ever is just one click away!

What's Included? Everything You Need to Succeed!

Do This Before You Hire: 

- Your Hourly Worth
- Who to Hire First
- Preparing to Train Your First Hire
- Setting Up Virtual Assistant Systems
- New Hire Training
- Teaching VA's to Write in Your Voice

Who to Hire & Where to Find People: 

- Where to Find People Online
- Where to Find Longterm Help
- Hiring Virtual Staff
- Hiring Good People
- Your First Hire

How to Interview, Hire, Train & Pay: 

- Screening Applicants
- The Interview Process
- Payment Methods
- Pay Rates & Compensation

Relationships & Communication: 

- The Honeymoon Phase
- Delivering Feedback to Your Virtual Assistant
- What to Do When It Doesn't Work Out


Limited Time Only! Join the How to Hire Course Now for Just...

$497 $297!

“You can drive yourself to exhaustion trying to do everything yourself, spinning your wheels and wasting time and money… Or you can get SMART about growing your online business and get the help you need to make more money, work less hours, and start living your LIFE.” - Chalene

Why Hire Help?

Whether you’re a seasoned business owner, you have a physical business, you’re a Network Marketer, or you’re just getting started with a new online business that isn’t making money yet, THIS is how you can create significant growth in less time…on a budget!

So many people limit their potential and delay the growth of their business by trying to do everything themselves. They spend hours trying to figure things out or waste time on mundane tasks that aren’t the best use of their time. 

Yes, your business only grows faster when you spend more time in it. But you can’t work all hours of the day trying to do everything yourself…and you shouldn’t. Now, you don’t have to! The resources we have available to us today are unlike anything we’ve had access to before. The opportunity we have to grow a hugely profitable business online, on a budget, and faster than ever before is incredible...and anyone can do it!

Your Dream Grows When Your Team Grows! Start Today!

"I did it! I've hired TWO incredible virtual assistants! Using the methods recommended in this course saved me so much time and energy! I'm confident I will explode both of my businesses further by focusing on the things that I do best! Take every step of the advice you get in this program. It's worth millions!"

Carol E.

"Just got off Skype with what I believe will be a great first VA for me and my business! I really adored her. She was very sweet and eager to do the jobs that I assigned (and qualified!). Next week, we start a 30 day trial, and I will begin training her! Thank you Chalene Johnson once again. #gamechanger... I can feel it!"

Liz B.

"Super excited! With what I've learned and implemented in the program, I've been added as a contributing author to a book for the martial arts industry. I was just asked yesterday and they need my chapter right away. No need to panic - because of this program, all of my story is already transcribed, organized and ready to go! I never would have been able to get involved with such short notice before!"

Alexandria D.

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