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The Marketing Impact Academy is a 14-Week “go at your own pace” virtual training for anyone who wants to grow a business or make extra income online.

With the latest changes in social media, the opportunity we have to make money online today is incredible!

But so many people struggle figuring out where to start...until now!

Marketing Impact Academy is a paint-by-numbers program anyone can use to share their message with the world, get a product out there, and start profiting faster than ever before.

It’s all about finding your “Lifer” - that person searching for exactly what YOU have to offer, attracting them on social media, and turning them into a life-long customer.

It’s how you grow a business you love...without compromising what matters most.

Who is the Marketing Impact Academy for?

Whether you want to grow an existing business, start a new one, or simply generate extra income, Marketing Impact Academy will help you:

  • Build a Captivating Brand
  • Create Multiple Revenue Streams
  • Master Latest Changes in Social Media
  • Master Video & Live Streaming
  • Attract Your Ideal Customer
  • Grow A Profitable Email List
  • Increase Profits with Paid Traffic
  • Develop, Test & Release Your Own Products
  • Set the Foundation for a Solid, Ever-Evolving Business
  • Identify and Establish Your Unique Expertise 
  • Generate Testimonials That Sell Your Products For You
  • Maximize Your Social Media & Gain Quality Followers
  • Blueprint Your Online Business Or Extra Revenue Stream
All while honoring your priorities and building a business YOU love.

Space is Extremely Limited! Save Your Spot in Marketing Impact Academy Today Before We Fill Up & Close!

Marketing Impact Academy is the real deal!

While it’s by no means a “get rich quick” scheme, anyone with the discipline to follow simple steps can do this and build a legit extra revenue stream fast!

One of the biggest reasons people struggle getting their business or idea for extra income off the ground is missing a step or completing them out of order. 

But in MIA, we break everything down in an easy to understand and implement method. 

Each lesson is time-released in a specific order, to ensure you do the work as you go and do it right! 

There’s no question about what to do next, and you’ll create something you’re truly proud of!

"This program has given me the FOUNDATION of my business. As a new entrepreneur or someone looking for "more," but not sure how achieve that, MIA 2.0 gives you the tools you need to build a solid foundation for your business and straight up FIGURE IT OUT. Having the stable foundation from MIA has allowed me to breathe easier, stop chasing "squirrels" and faux inspiration from several other places and just allow me to put blinders on enough to focus and advance my own work. "

Chista Biegler

How It Works

Once you enroll in Marketing Impact Academy 2.0, you’ll receive 14 weeks worth of training with new lessons releasing weekly. Your training includes videos, walk-through tutorials, charts, PDF downloads, study guides, audio training and more. We accommodate a variety of learning styles and release new training weekly to ensure you complete the right steps in the right order and have time to implement as you go.

Marketing Impact Academy 2.0 enrollment typically only opens once per year, so we can support our growing community of students. There’s often a long wait-list to join, so we encourage you to enroll as soon as possible. We can never guarantee how long we’ll accept new students; once we fill to capacity, registration closes indefinitely. Don’t delay your success another year or more - sign up today!

Save Your Spot In Marketing Impact Academy!

Lifetime Online Access.
Go At Your Own Pace.

It’s Like Going Back to School...But So Much Better!

Your entire course is online and can be completed from the comfort of your home or on-the-go. While content is time-released in a specific order, you have lifetime access, so you can work at your own pace and revisit lessons any time.

You’ll Get Support.

I know you want to make this work...the business you started or that idea for extra, passive income that’s spinning around in your head.
The problem is you don’t know where to start and what most people teach in social media wastes time and money.

In the last 3 months, social media completely changed and the opportunities we have are incredible! But it changes daily, and you need something YOU can control - that’s what MIA is all about. 

What if you could build a business while building your income at the same time? It’s possible - and Marketing Impact Academy 2.0 will show you how! 

In the Marketing Impact Academy 2.0, not only will you receive step-by-step training, but you’ll also receive the tools, resources and support you need for success. 

You’ll have access to a community of people like you for inspiration and feedback. But unlike most online communities, we structure ours to eliminate fluff and promote laser focus - so you can get in, get what you need, and get things done! 

Lastly, you’ll have the support of our team. Your success and satisfaction is our number 1 priority, and we’re here to answer your questions, point you to the tools you need to reach your goals, and support you every step of the way.

"Chalene's transparency and ability to simplify and talk me all the way through this process was so amazing. Do not hesitate. Take the time to follow through with your dreams and goals. Just do it!"

Jamie Stringham

"Implementing what I learned in MIA into my business has grown my business from a few thousand a month to a 6 figure business. Creating a system for my business and marketing plan has allowed me to enjoy my family time more and to systemize my life."

Tiana Gustafson

Marketing Impact Academy is Open for a Limited Time Only! Don’t Delay Your Success Another Year or More!


Module 1
Welcome & Setting Up Your Online Store

Understand how to get the most out of your training, plus quick, easy strategies to start making money today! While this is by no means a “get rich quick” program, we understand the confidence that comes with each small win. The first time you sell anything online ignites the confidence you need to create that “thing” you want to share with the world. While you certainly get out what you put into this academy, Module 1 is a great confidence booster and quick return on your investment. You'll learn how to quickly setup an online store to start generating income while you complete this course!

Module 2 Finding Your Lifer & Building
Your Business Foundation

The strongest structures are built on a solid foundation. In this Module, we fortify the foundation of your business, brand, message and purpose. So many people try to attract and please everyone. In the process, they cover up what’s truly unique to them, which is often the most attractive thing. Before you start creating your product or crafting the message you want to share with the world, you must have a clear understanding of your brand - who you are, what you’re all about, who you want to work with, and where to find them. In this Module, you’ll figure that out!

Module 3 Attraction Marketing &
Refining Your Expertise

When starting a new business or stream of income, people often doubt their expertise or are unsure of which one to market. The truth is, you have a unique way of doing things that will serve a special niche. You also have a story related to this expertise that will make an impact. In this Module, you’ll identify and refine your expertise, determine how to deliver it in a way that connects and draws people to you, and master sharing the right story to make a point.

Module 4 
Master Live Streaming

Video and live streaming has completely leveled the playing field! It’s why you no longer need a TV show, commercials, infomercials or expensive advertisements to quickly grow a business. It’s also why you can create extra income faster than ever before. In this Module, we cover everything you need to know to be a video and live streaming pro. While video is not a requirement for this course or a successful business, it's a HUGE shortcut and speeds up the process 1,000 times! And with these strategies, shooting your own videos will be a breeze!

Module 5 
The Power of Email List Management

We’re doing it! We’re starting and growing your email list! Get excited because this is a critical step in the success of your business. Most people skip straight to building their social media following. Not you! You’ll understand that first, you need a place to send your followers, so you can collect their email addresses and continue building the relationship on a platform YOU control. Social media changes daily, and your account can be closed in an instant. You need a solid foundation, and your email list is the backbone of your business. Let’s do this!

Module 6 
Product Development

In Module 6, you’ll lay the groundwork for what we like to call your “Baby Offer.” It’s your introductory offer that starts generating revenue, boosts confidence, and allows you to test what works with your audience. You’ll develop a deeper relationship with your customers and discover how you can best serve them when you create more extensive, higher priced products in the near future.

Module 7 
Baby Offers & Beta Testing

Now that you’ve done the groundwork, it’s time to create your Baby Offer and beta test it! This Module provides step-by-step training for putting your product together and getting it into the hands of your ideal customer. You’ll also learn how to run test groups and use feedback to tweak and perfect your introductory offer. This is how you’ll create something people are already searching for and ready to buy.

Module 8 
Test Groups, Feedback & Testimonials

Selling doesn’t work anymore. Nobody wants to be sold to, and nobody wants to “sell.” That’s one of the biggest hurdles stopping people from starting a business; they don’t want to “sell.” Neither do we! In this Module, you’ll learn how to use test groups and feedback to better explain how your product can help people. And most importantly, you’ll learn how to capture captivating testimonials that sell your products for you.

Module 9 
The Infomercial Formula & Power of Story

Your story is so incredibly powerful. Believe it or not, you have many. There’s a reason behind what you do whether it seems directly related to your brand or not. And when you share a story, the right story for a particular situation, you draw people to you like a magnet. In this Module, we’ll unveil the “Infomercial Formula” and how you can use story to attract people to your offer, and make sales without ever selling. This is the formula Chalene used to host several #1 infomercials as well as build several multi-million dollar businesses.

Module 10 Master Live Creating Better
Converting Freemiums

Opt-in’s, lead magnets, and freemiums - whatever you want to call them, these “free gifts” are vital to building a successful business. In this Module, you’ll learn exactly how to create, set up, and promote your freemiums to grow your email list and ultimately your customer base.

Module 11 The Setting Up Sales Funnels - Your Online Business Blueprint of Email List Management

Once we’ve got all the pieces in place, it’s time to start creating passive income. With this step-by-step training, you’ll blueprint your customer journey and set up automated processes in your business. As a result, you can build relationships and turn followers into customers while you sleep. This is how you work less, and live more!

Module 12 
The Next 12 Months

You won’t finish this program without knowing exactly what to do next. In this Module, we’ve laid out what your next 12 months should look like to keep this train rolling.

Module 13 
Paid Traffic

Last but not least, once you have all of the foundational pieces in place, we’ll break down the mysterious world of paid advertising. It’s not nearly as complex as most people think, and anyone can do it... IF they have the foundational pieces of their business setup, which YOU will by completing Marketing Impact Academy 2.0. In this Module, you’ll get our paint-by-numbers approach to Facebook and Instagram advertising to take your business to an entirely new level.

Get Immediate Access Now!
The Social Media Module

We used to save this module for last, but now, you’ll get immediate access because the social media landscape has changed yet again! Now that it’s easier than ever to get an extra revenue stream up set up fast…you no longer need to wait until you have the foundational pieces of your business in place to start taking advantage of social media and making money online now.  In this Module, we’re diving into each social media platform and best practices for getting your products into the hands of your ideal customer. You’ll also understand where your time is best spent, which platforms your ideal customer is hanging out on, and how to attract them to YOU. Get excited because we’re talking Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Live Streaming platforms and more!


Bonus #1:

Access to Marketing Impact LIVE 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018 Video Series ($10,000 value)

We film every minute of our events, so you can go back, re-watch and soak in all of the information. As an Academy Member, you’ll have access to all of the archives with amazing guest speakers like Brendon Burchard, Jeff Walker, James Wedmore, Pat Flynn, Lewis Howes, Sean Cannell, Amy Porterfield and more! People pay thousands of dollars to see each of these experts speak, and you can watch all of them! Plus, we'll film every minute of our 2018 event, and you get access to that, too! That's 5 LIVE event recordings!

Bonus #2:

Private Marketing Impact Academy 2.0 Facebook Group (Priceless)

We created this group to communicate with you and connect you with the other amazing members of MIA 2.0. Our team monitors the group, so we can guide you in making the most of what you’ve learned as well as so you can get valuable insight, ideas, and support from other members.

Bonus #3:

Access to Private Community Membership Site (Priceless)

Our team is committed to helping you get what you need out of this Academy. By joining Marketing Impact Academy 2.0, you’ll automatically have access to the community inside the course to ask questions, get an answer and share ideas.


Bonus #4:

IG Impact Academy ($200 Value)

This is one of our best-selling courses, and you get access to the entire thing! Chalene cracked the code on Instagram, and she’s sharing everything she knows. While you’ll get the latest and greatest updates on all of the social media platforms in MIA 2.0, Instagram is one where we’ve gone so deep that we’ve developed a completely separate Academy. As a Marketing Impact Academy 2.0 member, you have access to this training, too!

Bonus #5:

Podcast Training Course ($200 Value)

Both of Chalene’s podcasts “The Chalene Show” and “Build Your Tribe” have consistently held top rank in their categories. They’ve also become a huge source of traffic for her business. She’s figured out a simple system for reaching more people with your podcast without taking up any more of your time. From getting started to getting noticed, this course covers it all.

Bonus #6:

Social Media Trickle Down System ($200 Value)

We call this the trickle down system because it’s the process of creating one piece of social media content to cover a variety of platforms. It’s content creation in bulk, so you can literally spend 1 hour per day or less making a video and use it to populate all of your social media platforms with a month’s worth of content or more!


IMPORTANT: Space is extremely limited! This offer is only available until we fill up and close registration, and it only happens once per year. Stop watching and start doing! Don’t delay your success another year or more! Get in Marketing Impact Academy 2.0 today!

You Can Start Creating Extra, Passive Income Today! Let’s Make It Happen!

100% Money Back Guarantee.

With the Marketing Impact Academy 2.0, there's no risk, and you can try this program out! If after 30 days, you are not 100% satisfied and don't feel like this is the right program for you, just turn in your homework, and we will give you a full refund.

Marketing Impact Academy is Open for a Limited Time Only! Don’t Delay Your Success Another Year or More!

About Chalene

New York Times best selling author, Chalene Johnson is a lifestyle and business expert, motivational speaker and the founder of the SmartLife movement. Huffington Post recognized Chalene as one of the Top 50 Female Entrepreneurs to watch in 2017.

As  the host and creator of many fitness infomercials and a regular guest on QVC, Chalene has sold over 10 million DVDs and currently holds “The Guinness Book of World Records” for the most fitness videos. 

Chalene and her husband and business partner Bret have been married for more than twenty years. Together they have built and sold several multimillion-dollar lifestyle companies and helped countless to do the same. 

Today the two run a lean team focused on helping others live a simplified life through their online academies and seminars. 

One of Chalene's greatest hidden talents is her ability to kill it in the rap game, lip sync like a pro, and break it down on the dance floor like the true Detroit native that she is.

"I went from making $30k a year and having $25k in debt to making six figures in 10 months and all debt paid off because of MIA. Take the leap of faith. This is going to transform your life."

Sharlotte Bouniol

This is it!
It’s YOUR time!

This is it! It’s YOUR time! “What are you waiting for? Stop watching other people have success, and start getting your message out there and helping the world with your own unique perspective. Whether you want to grow your existing business, start a new one, or simply make extra money online, there’s no better time than now. Social media and the online space is experiencing a dramatic shift in favor of small business owners and entrepreneurs. I truly believe someday we will look back on this time in awe of the amazing opportunities we have today. You can do this! My team and I are beyond excited to welcome you as a Marketing Impact Academy student and serve you along the way.” - Chalene


You Can Start Creating Extra, Passive Income Today! Let’s Make It Happen!

Don’t delay! Space is extremely limited, and you won’t see this offer again. We haven’t accepted new Marketing Impact Academy 2.0 students for over 6 months, and our wait list to join was long. As soon as we fill up, registration will close, and this offer, the free live event tickets, and over $10,000 in bonuses goes away for good! Reserve your spot now!


"I had a blog and was building an audience but didn't know where to start with making money. I barely had a business when I began this journey through MIA. I've been able to build up to having an audience of thousands of lifers. Just do it. Follow the process and trust the process. It is a little scary sometimes but you can do it!"

Morgan Battista